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Kinderling Studio

At Kinderling Studio, we believe that portraits are meant for more than hard drives and holiday cards.

At the end of a long day, when work has been hard, or the kids have been hard, or the day feels like forever, we want to lift you up with breathtaking portraits that remind you why you do it all every single day.

Kinderling portraits are custom framed using strict archival standards so they’ll look as good in thirty years as they do today.

Because this time, right now, it’s gone so fast.

Thirty years from now, when you’re sitting at your dining table, sipping tea or coffee or whatever you fancy, and the sound of chirping birds slips through the open window of your pleasantly quiet house, you might suddenly remember a time when quiet mornings were few and far between.

When your life was ruled by laundry and groceries and messes and noise.

Constant noise.

When the only quiet you got was at 9pm after everyone was asleep and you were too bone tired to enjoy it.

How you felt like a chauffeur and a maid and a nurse all at once.

How busy it was.

How exhausting it was.

You feel tired just thinking about it.

Then, from the corner of your eye, you catch a glimpse of your Kinderling portrait on the wall.

Your heart skips and you can’t look away.

An overwhelming joy pierces your heart.

How full of life that time was, too.

How full of squeals of laughter and giant bear hugs and silly faces and grand adventures.

YOU were somebody’s everything.

The one who had all the answers. The one who could heal any wound (real or imaginary). The only one who could make the monsters in the closet disappear.

Right now, you ARE somebody’s everything.

And you deserve to have something in your home that is made with love and care and attention to detail and reminds you every single day what your love feels like.

Because even though these days feel never-ending, and the laundry keeps piling up, and dishes magically appear in the sink, and you swear you JUST went grocery shopping (so where is All. The. Food. ?!?), your future self knows that one day you’ll look back on today and wonder how on earth it passed by so quickly.

How you wish you could have bottled up the snuggles and the kisses and the “I love you”s and maybe even the temper tantrums. Because even though those days were HARD. They were also filled with joy and wonder and a love so intense it could sustain you through almost anything.

And your future self…she might need that reminder every now and then.

That’s why we do what we do. For you. For her. For them.

When you’re ready to learn more, contact us to find out how we can bottle up today so you can still taste it tomorrow.

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The Portrait is Only the Beginning

Art Finishing

Trends come and go. Personal styles change. People move all the time.

That’s why Kinderling art is simple, modern and timeless. Just like your love.


Each work of art is printed on luxurious, artist-quality fine art paper with a beautiful texture that perfectly absorbs the ink so that no detail is lost in production.


Kinderling art is custom framed using strict archival standards. We use only 8-ply 100% cotton rag mats. These mats beautifully showcase your art and help protect it for generations to come.

If a mat’s shade of white is not carefully chosen, the art can look muddy, washed out or strangely colored. That’s why we hand select each mat to ensure the proper shade of white for every work of art that leaves our studio.


When visitors walk into your home, they should be blown away by the art, not the frame. A frame’s job is to enhance and finish a work of art, not to overtake it. Our beautifully crafted, minimalist, modern frames perfectly complement the art we create.

Currently available frames include natural walnut, black, and white.


UV glass protects your art from fading or yellowing over time.

For an even more remarkable finish, upgrade to museum glass, which also provides a nearly glare-free viewing experience.


UV glass protects your art from fading or yellowing over time.

Or upgrade to museum glass, which also provides a nearly glare-free viewing experience.


To request an appointment at Kinderling Studio, please email

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Times are limited. So please email early.



No session fees.
No minimum orders.
Money back guarantee.

Our prices reflect our commitment to quality and consistency in everything we do. From our extensive session prep to our image selection and editing process to our print quality control and custom archival framing techniques.

We’d rather sell you just one beautifully finished breathtaking work of art than 35 images you have to figure out what to do with on your own.

We don’t require you to buy anything.

AND we offer a money back guarantee.

Because we know that if you don’t love your images, then we haven’t done our job and that’s on us. Not you.

When you book your appointment, we’ll collect a $200 deposit to hold your spot. This deposit will be deducted from your final purchase price. If, for some reason, you are unhappy with your images, your deposit is fully refundable.*

How can we possibly do this?

Because we believe in our product so much that we know you’ll fall in love with it, too.

*The deposit is not refundable due to appointment cancellation.

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Our Studio

Clean. Bright. Modern.
Kid Friendly.

Our studio is clean and modern and bathed in natural light.

There is room for children to run and jump and be as wild and free as they please so that natural smiles happen, well, naturally.

Because those are the ones that lift your heart.

And that’s what we care about most.

Our studio is located in the Fisk building in Northeast Minneapolis.

When you book an appointment, we’ll send you complete directions and session prep information.

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